NICHOLAS FER M.A.( R.C.A) decorative painter

Nicholas Fer M.A.( R.C.A.)

Decorative Painter


  • Decorative paintwork can be applied to any paintable surface
    (interior and exterior) including wood, metal, plaster, glass and plastics.
  • All surfaces should be prepared to a high standard in eggshell finish and in specified base colour/s.
  • Effects are traditionally carried out in oil-based products which are now generally being replaced with modern water-based alternatives.
  • Consultations and estimates are free. We have a comprehensive
    library of sample finishes available to clients. Samples in specific colours
    can be ordered at short notice.
  • Most finishes are carried out on site by our team . Alternatively murals or panels, furniture and small items can be prepared in our studio for on-site installation.

Nicholas Fer M.A.(R.C.A.)

Mobile: +44 (0)7976 291219