NICHOLAS FER M.A.( R.C.A) decorative painter

Nicholas Fer M.A.( R.C.A.)

Decorative Painter

Restoration work includes:-

  • Copying 'Berlage' glazed tiles and mosaics at Holland House, City of London.
  • Restoration and extension of historic murals at Patisserie Valerie at Sagne, Marylebone, London.
  • Exact matching to unavailable marbles and rare woods.
  • Exact matching to antique paint effects and wood-graining at Kensington Palace, London.
  • Restoration of wood-graining at Jones' Dairy, Columbia Road, London.
  • Matching up to distressed exterior limewash at the Old rectory, Caston. Norfolk.

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Jones Dairy restoration old vicarage restoration in norfolk Church crucifix Berlage tilework restored marbled column getty museum

Nicholas Fer M.A.(R.C.A.)

Mobile: +44 (0)7976 291219